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When ProBizVideo builds your website, we can include music, stunning pictures and beautiful video to complement your service or retail store, whether online or brick and mortar and our content is royalty paid, so you have full right to the music and images used on your site.

Dave Alexander

My former radio name

I spent many years with a radio sudu name:

"Dave Alexander", at call letters like KMKF, KEWI, WIBW, KWTO, KCHZ, KTOZ and stations like Channel 13, 99HITFM, 97FM, e105, Channel Z, and companies named Radio 2000, Ranger Broadcasting, Stauffer Communications, Jesscom, Flash Network, Cole Media, Susquehanna and many others!

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Kings Of "MultiMedia"

It's My Specialty

ProBizVideo is a creative web and video company.  My background is radio, TV and internet media.  Years spent marketing, creating programs and programming stations and groups of stations.  I have created and performed music tests, audio design, audience research, focus groups, ratings analysis and participated in funding, development and construction of radio properties.  Along the way I entered the media side of the internet with a company developing a precursor to iTunes that allowed for the download of full music albums for a few of the major record labels.  What can all this mean for you?  Just a great experience in what people like, what moves them to action, what holds their attention and the technologies that can bring them to your business on the internet.  I owe all I know to the many great associates, partners, employees and friends who have mentored me.  Now, let me share what I know and can do with you.  --Dave Thiessen

Frustration Ended

At last, your website is yours

If you ever got a sick twinge in your stomach every time you had to deal with your website or website company... at last, elation! Now you choose the terms, and they are awesome.

Simple to Sleek


Whether we create an SEO optimized WordPress site with cool widgets and sliders or a simple function design that you can update yourself, we will get you started and show you how its done. Then, when you are ready, you can take it over yourself or leave this task to ProBiz.MEDIA and just have us continue to do it for you.  It's the end of what used to be a painful website process and the beginning of a fun, inventive and successful working relationship with ProBiz.MEDIA.  

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all to make you look great

From stock photos, graphics, animations and stock video clips to purchased and self created works, ProBiz.MEDIA gives you the most options and the most economical cost.


built to order

Let us design your website, SEM/SEO, Email Marketing and Online Shopping quickly, to your specification and to meet any budget.

let us Create for you!

We'll create a demo so you can view before you decide.

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Some pic's of me, my lovely wife janel, our family and

wonderful friends we've met along the way...


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If your business can use a menu, we can load it and sync it with your facebook page, so that each update or change is made in one place and updated everywhere.  Plus, this in turn feeds to Citysearch, 4 Square, Yelp and other sites automatically, which puts your update out instantly and causes Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines to re-index your site... that is GREAT SEO!

Music & Media

Let your audience See and hear what you do

We can embed Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter feeds and more.  For KC Entertainment Radio, we embedded the Live365 radio player for his Internet radio station as well as his Twitter feed and Facebook page.

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