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Date:  May 16, 2012
From:  Jeffery Husted, KC Arena Sports
Re:  Dave Thiessen Studios
Since the re-launch of the Comets Pro Indoor Soccer team in 2010, Dave Thiessen Studios have helped to shape our message in a way that resonates with all of our fans.  He was able to capture the nostalgia of the original team along with the excitement of the new team.  He is extremely easy to work with, even when we throw multiple last minute changes and projects at him.  His suggestions and recommendations on commercial copy and production were extremely valuable to us throughout our re-launch and continue our success in the years that have followed.  I look forward to seeing what DTS will do for us in the future with the Comets and now with the Kansas City Command as well.
Jeff Husted
Director of Sales and Marketing
Comets Indoor Soccer and KC Command Arena Football


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Christopher Michael

Style and Technology

Janel ranee

Sales Manager



Date:    February 15, 2012
From:   Chris Beurman, Coventry Health Care of Kansas
Re:     Dave Thiessen Studios
It's my pleasure to recommend DTS.  Dave is extremely creative in utilizing techniques to help make the video more than a simple point and shoot exercise. He helped us add depth and emotion to a piece that needed emotion by utilizing a combination of video, still photos and effective graphics. He also helped make the graphics come alive while still maintaining the integrity of the piece.
Dave is very easy to work with. He offers a plethora of suggestions while making sure that your needs are heard and understood. He was tremendous during the editing sequence where he sat through several hours of meetings to insure that the many minutes of footage were whittled down to insure an effective five minute final project.
A professional, affordable alternative to other video houses in the area. Dave provided us with a quality product at a price that we could not beat. He also is meticulous in making sure you have a final product that you can be proud to say comes from your organization.
Chris Beurman
Community Relations Manager
Coventry Health Care of Kansas
( formerly Family Health Partners & HealthCare USA, formerly Family Health Partners)

Don Paustian, Jr

East Coast Manager Compass Communications

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Our clients and their satisfaction is the most important thing.  As you know, some of the work we do is private within a group or organization so their privacy is respected (and we can't brag about that work).  But some who can share have great comments we appreciate.  Here are some of the letters that are most important to us!

Date: August 3, 2017

From: Alan Ellebrecht, Walk-in Bathtubs by Total Focus
RE: Dave Thiessen Studios/ProBizVideo
As a fairly new company, exposure and first impressions are critical. Dave and ProBiz was instrumental in creating those "First Impressions." Having only a hodge-podge of ideas in my head, ProBizVideo was able to organize them into creative ideas and suggestions.
Our business deals with the senior market and ProBizVideo was able to deliver a format that makes a direct hit -- easy to view and understand. Dave was able to provide an outstanding testimonial video using a wide range of graphics and photos. The final editing delivered the message to my audience in a concise, informative fashion.
ProBizVideo delivered far above our expectations and extremely important to us -- a very affordable price. The turn around time from start to finish was outstanding. We definitely plan on using ProBizVideo for many more years and projects to come.
Alan C Ellebrecht, Owner
Walk-in Bath Tubs by Total Focus

NOTE: in 2013, Total Focus was also our first template web design site, we redesigned their website with the information they wanted and turned around the entire project in two weeks.

Ryan Carlat

Kansas City Location Shoot Manager

Dave Thiessen

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